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Job Title Flow Economist / Researcher
Opening Date 15-Nov-2022
Closing Date 15-Dec-2022
Location London

Flow Economist / Researcher

Overall purpose of the Job:

The Economist's key responsibility will be to undertake analysis of flow developments and central bank operations in key economies including the US, Euro Area and Japan. This will involve sourcing and maintaining databases as well as report generation and analysis. The Economist will present his/her unique insights at weekly strategy meetings with a focus on potential market impact. The Economist will also undertake additional ah hoc research projects as required to support the work of trading teams and the CIO.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Take over and develop existing tools for tracking and maintaining key economic and flow data
  • Create reporting framework and timelines
  • Regular reporting of analytical findings at weekly strategy meetings
  • Provide insights into flow developments and central bank operations for the various trading teams and be proactive in meeting their requirements for additional internal research
  • Follow and develop expertise in Bank and Capital Markets regulations in various markets
  • Track and forecast Government bond issuance in various markets

Education and Skills:

  • Post graduate strongly preferred
  • Some coding experience preferred

Essential Experience and Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills - both written and verbal
  • Sound understanding of the interaction between economic and financial markets
  • Ability to balance macro-economic theory soft skills with quantitative econometric hard skills