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Job Title Principal Consultant, Full Stack Engineer - MDRx
Location London


You're a Full Stack Engineer who loves a big challenge. You have experience building web applications in TypeScript plus React and back ends in either node.js or python. You are a keen learner and aren't phased by new challenges. You are comfortable working across multiple teams and helping with the full stack and architecture. You are a natural leader who is happy to do a mix of hands-off mentoring and hands-on delivering. You understand the commercial implications of the technical decisions you make.

You'll be happy to support engineers working on all the weird and wonderful technologies we use and can get up to speed quickly in unfamiliar territory. You are someone who leads by example. You are comfortable taking the lead in explaining the work to clients and non-technical stakeholders. Ideally, you want to be a leader who can grow alongside a fast-paced and exciting new business and would be comfortable taking on management duties as well as taking on a role helping to explain and tailor the agile methodology to the needs of teams and individuals.

We believe that a great principal engineer mixes hands-off decision making and leadership with hands-on contributions. So, what will you actually be doing?

Within your first 30 days

  • You'll be helping one of our teams build out an in-flight project. You'll be expected to help the team professionalise and automate workflows. You will be expected to get involved with:
    • Helping to improve code quality and architecture
    • Solving big problems and blockers
    • Picking up line management duties and mentoring the team
    • Actually writing code
  • You'll have regular catch ups with the Head of Engineering and your peers to ask for feedback and help on anything and everything.
  • You'll complete a Career Development Plan with your line manager to understand where you are in your career journey and to set learning and development targets.
  • You'll participate in one engineering practise meeting.
  • You'll attend four all-hands meetings, and so will have (at least virtually) met everyone at the company and will start to feel comfortable with your place in it.
  • You'll eat tasty food at a new joiner's lunch with the CEO.
  • You'll shape the engineering principles standards across our teams.

Within 90 days

  • You'll be working closely with other team members and taking autonomous decisions on project architecture and prioritisation.
  • You'll have the opportunity to input into new MDRx processes as we grow and need them.
  • You'll be working across multiple projects, jumping in to help solve big problems

After 6 months

  • You'll have likely finished work on your first project and will be building the next one.
  • If you don't have experience with web3, machine learning, or artificial intelligence (which we don't expect you to have) you'll have learned to talk confidently about them with clients.
  • You'll support team members in architecting new products.

After 1 year

  • You'll be training other engineers to make decisions like you do.
  • You'll have the opportunity to be part of Discovery workshops and work with product managers to architect client strategies.
  • You'll have a platform to shape MDRx's engineering culture and grow our brand.

Haven't done everything listed in the 'first 30 days' category yet? At MDRx we are dedicated to building a diverse, inclusive, and authentic workplace, so if you're excited about this role but your past experience doesn't align perfectly with this job description, we encourage you to apply anyway.

Please note that this job profile is not an exhaustive list of duties but merely an outline of the key components of the role. You may be required by your line manager to take on additional responsibilities when requested.


We're a bit of an anomaly: a startup tech consulting company backed by an established law firm. The 'startup' part means there's a lot of room for employee autonomy and opportunity to help design the company, whereas the 'law firm' part is why we have nice benefits, pretty conference rooms, and a runway to succeed.

We specialise in emerging tech, and we're on a pretty hefty mission to change the face of consultancy, putting meaning behind digital transformation by delivering experiences for customers that create value and impact. That also means our culture really cares about people, not just profit, and definitely not just utilisation.

Our law firm origins allow us to combine leading business, tech, and legal expertise. That tends to look like building software that's legally complex… but we go for the interesting stuff, which is why we often end up in Web3, Metaverse, or Data Science worlds.

We work with a variety of sizes of organisations, from funded startups to large companies to government agencies, but always try to deliver value in an agile manner.


Our clients

Due to our law firm origins, we tend to focus on building software that is legally complex…but we go for the interesting stuff, which is why we very often end up in web3. (That, and our CEO wrote the blockchain laws for the UAE). We work with a variety of sizes of organisations, from start-ups to large companies to government agencies, but always try to deliver value in an agile manner. The common thread is between our clients is that they want help to use new technologies enable disruptive business models and to contribute to the future.

The Technology

In our day-to-day we love React, we usually live in AWS, and our back ends tend to be python. But we always want to use the best tool for the job. We tend to solve problems for clients with non-commoditised technologies. That means you will get a chance to be exposed to everything from AI and machine learning, to the blockchain and smart contracts.

Working Conditions

Our working conditions are hybrid, with flexible hours. We have a great office just outside the Holborn tube station that we ask you to come into at least twice per week. We also ask that you come in for team days several times a month, away days twice a year, and whenever we run in-person client workshops.

Although we're in a 'hold on we're blasting off' phase of growth, we don't ask our people to work taxing hours unless a project is in absolute crunch time.

About The Mishcon de Reya Group

The Mishcon de Reya Group is an independent international professional service business with law at its heart, employing over 1450 people with close to 670 lawyers. It includes the law firm Mishcon de Reya LLP and a collection of leading consultancy businesses that complement the firm's legal services. We have grown rapidly in recent years, showing more than 40% revenue growth in the past five years alone.

Based in London, Cambridge, Oxford, and Singapore, with an association with Karas So LLPin Hong Kong, the firm services an international community of clients and provides advice in situations where the constraints of geography often do not apply. The work we undertake is cross-border, multi-jurisdictional and complex, spanning six core practice areas: Corporate; Dispute Resolution; Employment; Innovation; Private; and Real Estate.

As of 1 January 2023, Mishcon de Reya and Taylor Vinters merged. The merger delivers on both firms' strategies to support the innovation economy and accelerate our growing share of the technology, media and life-sciences legal and consultancy services market in the UK and in key international innovation hubs globally.

In times of such far-reaching and profound change we want to be the law firm that enables our clients - and our own people - to shape the world's possibilities. We are here to help our clients benefit from new economies, new geographic centres of wealth, the new global movement of people and capital, and the impact of new technologies and new knowledge.

Our purpose remains rooted in our founding values. We take pride in the diverse range of people who make up the firm and are proactive in driving change and continuous improvement across the spectrum of equality, diversity and inclusion. Mishcon Academy, our in-house place of learning, development and new thinking for our people, clients and contacts and our innovative impact strategy, including a commitment to be a net zero carbon business, also play a central strategic role in the direction of the firm. In 2020 we launched Mishcon Purpose, a first-of-its-kind sustainability practice providing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advice and purpose-driven insight to clients.

The Mishcon de Reya Groupcomprises standalone businesses MDR Brand Management, MDR Cyber, MDR Discover, MDR Mayfair(in London, Singapore and Dubai) and MDRx. Complementary to Mishcon de Reya's core areas of work, each is led by best in class professionals recruited from a variety of non-legal industries and sectors.

We strive to create a fully diverse and inclusive workplace where all our people are empowered to fulfil their potential. We are proud of our agile working culture and are always happy to talk flexible working.

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