Graduate Careers at White & Case

Applications for our receptions open on 28 September 2017.

Application for our open days, first year 2-day insight scheme, vacation schemes and training contracts open on 1 October 2017. White & Case is looking to recruit ambitious trainees who have a desire to gain hands-on practical experience from day one. They should have an understanding of international commercial issues and an interest in working on big-ticket, cross-border work. We recruit both law and non-law students and owing to the nature of our work, language skills are of interest. Applicants will be welcomed for their individuality, their ability to contribute to the cutting-edge work we do and the energy with which they approach the job at hand. They should have achieved, or be on track to achieve, a high 2:1, have a positive and friendly attitude, be enthusiastic and work well in teams.

Job Title
Job Location
Closing Date
1 Training Contract 2020/21 London 31-Jul-2018
2 16-17 May 2018 First Year Two-Day Insight Scheme London 31-Mar-2018
3 Spring and Summer Vacation Scheme 2018 London 31-Jan-2018
4 7 December - Open Day Russian Speakers London 24-Nov-2017
5 30 November Careers Dinner – Durham University Durham 23-Nov-2017
6 27 November Careers Dinner – Manchester University Manchester 20-Nov-2017
7 29 November 2017 Open Day (second year, penultimate, finalists and post-grads) London 17-Nov-2017
8 22 November Careers Dinner – Exeter University Exeter 15-Nov-2017
9 15 November Careers Dinner – Warwick University Warwick 08-Nov-2017
10 13 November Careers Dinner – Oxford University – Oxford 06-Nov-2017
11 Winter Vacation Scheme 2017 London 05-Nov-2017
12 9 November Careers Dinner – Bristol University Bristol 02-Nov-2017
13 9 November 2017 Open Day (second year, penultimate, finalists and post-grads) London 31-Oct-2017
14 2 November Careers Dinner – Nottingham University Nottingham 26-Oct-2017
15 1 November Careers Dinner – St Andrews University St Andrews 25-Oct-2017
16 30 October Careers Dinner – Cambridge University Cambridge 23-Oct-2017
17 26 October Careers Dinner – York University York 19-Oct-2017